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WordPress is the world's most popular content management system application and is used to power millions of websites worldwide.

WordPress is also an extremely popular niche for bloggers and blogging and competition for search terms related to the WordPress tutorials niche is very high, as many web service businesses, web developers, web designers, and web marketing agencies compete for clients and offer tutorials as content to attract visitors.

The main method used by to drive traffic to the site is content publishing and content syndication (content is automatically syndicated to the site's social pages). Although this is an effective way to generate traffic and get many of the site's pages ranked on Google, it is also very time-consuming. The site publishes detailed and original content which has taken many years to create.

Before Using Distribution Press was launched in May 2016.

As the screenshot from's Google Analytics account shows, traffic figures for November 2016 (6 months after launch) were as follows:

  • Users: 975
  • Sessions: 1,094 launched its first press release campaign using DistributionPress on November 24, 2016. - First Press Release with

The press release targets the keyword phrase Free Digital Skills Training WordPress.

After Using Distribution Press

Improved Search Engine Ranking - Free Digital Skills Training WordPress

We have deliberately targeted a long-tail keyword like "Free Digital Skills Training WordPress" to show that we can easily rank sites on the front page of Google's organic search result listings using targeted press releases. not only ranks at the top of Google's organic search listings for the keyword Free Digital Skills Training WordPress but the press release also seems to have helped pushed up rankings for the main site and other related sites where syndicates its content to (e.g. social media pages like LinkedIn).

No one can predict what Google will do. Checking search results on different days, however, seems to indicate that is consistently ranking well for a number of top slots ... sometimes it even dominates the top 3-4 spots ...

Press releases can help drive up rankings for your website!

(Press releases can help drive up ranking for your website ... even dominate multiple top/front page spots in Google's search results!)

Increased Web Traffic

For, we'll be using the recommended strategy of releasing monthly press releases targeting different search phrases that drive traffic in the WordPress niche.

The screenshots below show traffic results using this strategy. We'll add new screenshots over time with updated traffic results ... - Initial Press release November 24, 2016

( - Initial press release November 24, 2016) - Press release results December 2016

( - December 2016) - After Press Release

( - One Month After Press Release)

Press Release Pickup

DistributionPress - Press Release Distribution ReportLet's take a look at how Google picked up's press release.

We currently distribute press releases to around 220+ sites directly and many additional media outlets.

As the number of indexed sites gets higher, this indicates that releases are not only being picked up from sites we have distributed releases to but also that releases are being syndicated to websites and blogs that source content from sites on our distribution list.

Additional Improvements

After the press release went live, we visited to view what data they have gathered about (unfortunately, we did not do this before submitting the press release). surveys and maps the Internet and, according to their website, has created the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world.

The screenshots below show the effects of submitting a press release on 'Trust Flow' and 'Citation Flow', which are defined by ...

Trust Flow ... is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a given URL or Domain.

Citation Flow ... is weighted by the number of citations to a given URL or Domain.