Are you spending money on Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or SEO experts to drive more traffic to your website? Then you need to read this ...

"Discover The Most Cost-Effective Way To Drive More Customers To Your Business That Delivers Lasting Results ... Fast!"

We Drive More Traffic To Your Website And Help Your Business Get More Leads & Customers!

In a nutshell:

  1. We create expertly written lead-generating articles about your business and distribute these to hundreds of leading news and media websites.
  2. Google pays close attention to the sites we publish content to and thousands of industry-related blogs and websites syndicate their content.
  3. This boosts your search engine rankings, drives more traffic to your site, and increases the authority and reputation of your website.

Just one campaign per month can increase your traffic and rankings and keep you ahead of your competition!

We will work with you to understand the needs of your business and help you develop strategies for creating long-term and lasting results.

Benefits Of Our Service:

  • Drive More Visitors To Your Website
  • Drive More Customers To Your Business
  • Increase Your Search Engine Visibility
  • Get Front Page Google Rankings For Low-Mid Competition Terms (24-48 hrs)
  • Increase Citations & Google Maps Rankings
  • Lower Your Competitor's Search Engine Rankings
  • Get Your Website Or Blog Indexed Faster In Google
  • Get More Exposure Online For Your Business
  • Boost Your Brand Authority
  • Boost Your Reputation Online
  • Profit From Trending Topics In Your Industry
  • Maximize Your Profitability
  • Get A Better ROI For Your Marketing $$$
  • Cheaper Than AdWords & Better Than SEO!

Drive More Traffic & Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

If Your Business Is Not Showing At The Top Of Google, You Are Losing Customers To Your Competition!

If you are looking for more customers in your local area but your website is not showing on the first page of Google when potential customers search online for your products or services, then your competitors have a better chance of winning their business.

We help you get front page search engine rankings and visibility for low to mid competition terms fast (normally 24-48 hours). 

To learn how we can help drive more traffic to your website, improve your search rankings, and increase your citations and Google Maps rankings, go here: How It Works

Show up on local search results in 24-48 hours!

Get More Exposure Online For Your Business

We Create Lead Generating Content About Your Business And Syndicate It To Hundreds Of Trusted Authority Sites

We do the hard work to get your business in front of the right audience!

Regardless of what business you are in, its size, or location, we can help you get more exposure online the "right" way.

Our team of expert writers will craft effective lead generating articles about your business specifically designed to help you attract potential customers.

Once you approve the article for release, we then submit it to hundreds of mainstream and authoritative news, TV, radio, and media sites.

Because Google automatically trusts the sites we distribute content to, our releases are picked up as soon as they are published and syndicated to thousands of other industry-related news sites, blogs, and content publishers, giving your business even greater exposure online and putting you in front of a wider audience of prospective customers.

Our service keeps working for you, providing your business with long-term visibility and growing your exposure online.

To learn more about our content distribution strategy and how we help put your business in front of a targeted audience, go here: How It Works

We publish lead generating articles about your business on hundreds of authority sites!

Brand Authority & Access To An Effective 'Hands-Free' Reputation Management Service

Boost Your Brand Reputation & Authority & Create More Social Proof & Credibility For Your Business Online

We provide positive coverage about your business, brand, products, or services, which then gets picked up by hundreds of authoritative sites and syndicated to thousands of other online properties, helping to 'drown out' any negative reviews or articles mentioning your business, brand, or industry.

Where DistributionPress can help in a legitimate way is if your business, brand, or industry has received unfair negative reviews or comments online (e.g. from sneaky competitors or customers who misunderstood your services) and you feel that this can cause serious or permanent damage to your reputation if left unaddressed.

By leveraging the power of hundreds of authority sites and thousands of syndicated placements with positive content about your business or brand, we can help balance any negative press you receive that can affect your reputation.

To learn more about how our service can help to build your authority online, create social proof, restore trust and confidence with customers, establish your credibility, and help you manage your reputation, go here: How It Works

Leverage the power of positive brand journalism to boost your business reputation online!

Profit From Trending Topics In Your Industry

Get A Competitive Advantage, More Visibility & More Traffic From Trending Topics Related To Your Business

Because the lead generating articles we create for you get published on high authority sites and target a number of specific keywords, it's not unusual to find that your content may get additional coverage and visibility online from searches on trending topics related to your business, brand, services, products, or industry.

For example, your business may appear in Google's 'In The News' section, show up on site feeds, or be found by people who set up Google Alerts to receive updates about specific topics and keywords.

Other paid traffic generation methods (e.g. Google AdWords) can't help you access potential customers searching online for trending topics, or help you gain additional coverage, or even get media attention. Our service can.

We can help you tap into trending topics to create additional exposure for your business online.

To learn more about how our 'done-for-you' lead generation content distribution service can help you tap into profitable trending topics, go here: How It Works

Get more traffic and exposure online from trending topics!

Maximize Your Profitability & Marketing Budget ROI

Reduce Your Marketing Spend And Get More Effective Results With Our 'Hands Free' Time-Saving Done For You Service

Are you currently running Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, hiring content writers, internet marketers, or SEO experts to drive more traffic to your website?

Running pay-per-click advertising campaigns like Google AdWords can cost your business thousands of dollars each month to run and if you stop paying, your traffic will come to a complete stop.

Publishing high-quality, search optimized content on your site that's relevant to your target audience is a great way to build long-term traffic, get search engine rankings, and build authority online but this is a very time-consuming process and can take a long time to deliver results.

The above strategies also require endless tweaking and testing to improve results, which further increases costs. The higher the cost to acquire a new customer, the less profit you make, and the more time you spend trying to drive targeted traffic to your website, the less time you have to focus on other areas of your business.

Contrast this with investing a small amount once a month on a 'hands-free' service where we do all of the work for you, write a lead generating news/press release about your business and distribute it to hundreds of leading news, TV, radio, and media websites on your behalf, which then get picked up by thousands of other websites and blogs.

We do all the work for you! There is absolutely nothing you need to do once we start running your PR campaigns. You are completely free to focus 100% on running your business.

To learn more about how our 'done-for-you' lead generation content distribution service can help to maximize your profit and marketing ROI, go here: How It Works

Get more effective results at significantly less cost!


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